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Humble Beginnings

Picking up his first DSLR in the early months of 2014, Carroll Apiez has been transfixed ever since. Determined to follow his childhood dreams of pursuing the arts, he enrolled in a series of classes in Malaysia that ultimately led him to his first ever travel series.

“I decided to travel to Guilin, because I think it is a location that quite rare for tourists to visit. My mentor during my photography course wanted me to be exposed to the travel and photojournalism style of photography.“

The experience has left a clear mark on Carroll, an almost surreal mix of tradition and painterly surroundings. For Carroll, travel not only broadens the mind but also tests a photographer’s finesses as well. Being thrown into a whole new environment with only his Nikon, the picturesque scenery has become a crucial part of developing his style and craft.


His series follows the people of Tiantou Village, a place where he felt each person he encountered has clear ties to an old world. With agriculture still a driving force in the village, he captures the vast nature of the fields as well as the uncluttered lifestyle of its inhabitants.

“In Guilin, they are still sustaining their traditional dress and culture in daily activity and everything else they do. It was as though I went back to 50 or 100 years to visit them in their world. Incredible experience.”

Getting intimate with his subjects, he prefers that they remain in their bubble of thought whilst he works his way into the shot. “The most important thing for me is the background of the scene because I want a photo where the viewer can feel the environment. Another important thing is the source of light.”

Having just bought his Nikon D7100 and AF-S DX NIKKOR 18 – 105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR just two days before he set off on his journey, he not only had the challenge of immersing himself in the pace of the village but also ensured that he was familiar with his new tool so as to not miss a beat.

The exciting part for Carroll is in the small steps he takes, slowly exploring the subject matter and photography style. He allows the imagery to unfold before him, as he curiously picks through them, bringing humble beginnings from his subject to his very own story.

About Carroll

Considering himself as a newbie to photography, Carroll Apiez discovered his passion early May of 2014. Taking DSLR classes in his hometown of Malaysia, he began with a borrowed Nikon D60 to explore his new found hobby before purchasing his own D7100. An engineer by day, his heart has been true to the arts since childhood.

About the gear

Incorporating recent advancements in HDSLR technology, the D7100 brings a thrilling new level of image quality, speed, connectivity and creative capabilities—a specially designed 24.1-megapixel DX-format image sensor, superior low-light performance, ultra-precise autofocus and metering, advanced video recording features, built-in HDR, mobile connectivity and much, much more.

This compact and affordable 5.8x zoom NIKKOR lens offers remarkable versatility and covers a broad focal range of 18 to 105mm. When mounted on any DX-format Nikon digital SLR camera, the picture angle is equivalent to that produced by a 27 to 157.5mm focal length lens on a 35mm-format film camera or Nikon FX-format camera.